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QSTATIM Incident Manager is specifically developed with your incident reporting needs in mind. Incident Manager is a software application that provides a centralized procedure for reporting, investigating, managing and analyzing patient care related incidents. And, it is quick, convenient and reliable.

Three Easy Steps

To Manage All Your Incident Reporting Needs

Entry:   The application is easily accessible from any PC with connectivity to the intranet.  You decide the level of confidentiality and security by deciding if a logon is required to enter an incident.   A logon can be required or not required as easily as changing one value within the application.  The intuitive interface allows the process to enter an incident to start and complete in 2-3 minutes.  After the incident is entered, an e-mail and/or pager notification is immediately sent that notifies the appropriate personnel of the incident.

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Management:   Management and Administration can view the incidents that need their attention. All details of the incident can be reviewed and follow-up information can be entered. Others who need to be aware of the incident and/or enter follow-up are easily added to the incident and immediately notified via email and/or pager. Attachments such as photos, documents, and images can be quickly uploaded and stored with the incident. Financial liabilities associated with the incident can also be entered and tracked. A status is assigned to each incident, which in-turn, provides an easier means for the Quality Improvement department to track all incidents and follow-up actions.

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Analysis:    Robust and interactive reports, charts, and graphs are available to assist in data analysis.  Reports can be created in several formats, including PDF, Excel, and Word.  Charts and graphs in a variety of formats can be produced, including pareto, line, bar, control, and pie.  The charts and graphs have  "drill-down" functionality which allow the thorough analysis of data from the detail to summary levels.  The reports, charts, and graphs can reflect information for one facility or for multiple facilities.  This provides a more visible means of focusing on critical and potential problem areas.

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